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  • Magic Pumpkin

    I was recently lucky enough to submit a short idea to nickelodeon for their shorts pitch.

    This was the second time I have being given the opportunity, first time was at SPX and I was scrambling around in my hotel room the night before trying to put together a script and an idea. This time around however, I was able to create something a lot more polished.

    I have learnt a lot attempting to create these pitches, even simple stuff like how television and movie scripts are written, in addition to timing and basic production steps required to show your idea to others. (I still can’t do an elevator pitch to save my life).


    In the end they passed on my short, which I completely understand why. I did write a story around the jokes I wanted to say, and the characters were kind of a product of that. I need to make my characters come first, and create the story around them. I also feel like I tried to create certain aspects that I believe would be appealing to others, instead of creating what I think is appealing.

    Remember, never be so conceited that you believe what you find funny/interesting no one else would.

    So, as always, I am scrapping all of this and starting again with something else down the road (Though it doesn’t mean I won’t salvage bits and pieces from this). Going to pitch again in the future, if they allow me, and come along with something stronger and better.

    I still have plenty of failures along my path until I get where I want to be.pumpkin2



    I started a Patreon

    A have had some messages offering to support the comic, so I have created a patreon for any one who wants to help, but please do not feel any pressure.

    If you wanted to check it out, head on over to the patreon page to check it out.



    Hey everyone, if you have sent me a message and I haven’t replied, I am really sorry, trying to answer all these messages and I appreciate every single one of them. Because a lot of people have been asking I will add a RSS feed and also an email list, just give me a week or two to help sort it all out. Thanks.

    – The most unprofessional guy ever

    You wouldn’t happen to like comics would you?

    Want hear some cool news? Perfectly Normal Human Being has been shortlisted for an Australian comic award, the ledger awards. Which is really amazing, be even cooler if I end up winning an award but there is a lot of more talented books that made the list. I feel like I am still in with a chance if the judges like bad things over good things. Also, if you are going to be at tcaf and want to say hi, I will be rocking the Luke shirt, at least on the Saturday. Cheers








    Oh hi there

    Hope everyone is having a good December, I am going to be flying back to Australia for a little bit over the new year. Everyone gets a punch might get a bit slack in the updates because I won’t have my tablet and all that, but I will keep Dumb Drunk Australia going out as much as I can. I wish I could show a bunch of stuff I am working on in the background, but I caaannnnnn’t.

    Not sure what conventions I will be heading out too next year, because of the family emergencies and stuff I can’t really take any time off, also, money. I will definitely be at TCAF because I live in Toronto, but I am currently on the waitlist. I am sure I will get into the show the year I leave Toronto. I will also definitely be at SPX regardless if I get in or not, one of my favourite shows.


    Thanks for reading everyone, and if you need an Angel for your tree, I got you buddy.