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Hi, I am Luke Humphris, here you can read autobiographical comics I have created about my life, relationships, alcohol and all that good stuff. There is also other projects I am currently involved with including TV pitches and podcasts and whatever I may get involved in. Feel free to contact me for whatever reason: lukehumphris at gmail dot com
Dumb Drunk AustralianDumb Drunk Australian
Stories talking about my experiences with Australian drinking culture and toxic masculinity as well as feelings of not belonging.
Currently ongoing: Latest page
Perfectly Normal Human BeingPerfectly Normal Human Being
Young relationships and lying to myself, learning the difference between being a good person and a nice person.
True Tales of Luke HumphrisTrue Tales of Luke Humphris
Short story about death in the family at a young age.

Originally received 2nd place in Australia’s best comics in 2013.

YoutubeYoutube Channel
Here you can view animatics I have created for television pitches as well as test animations and various other videos
PodcastCool Handsome Friend Show
Podcast about something to be determined.

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