So I went to San Diego Comicon over the weekend, and it was a blast. I still worked my day job from 9pm-5am every night, then did the convention every day, I am pretty well destroyed here at the end of it. I wish I got to see more stuff that was going on, but I also wanted to be at my table and meet new people. I definitely made sure to duck out to get a photo with Mega64 who I have been fans of for a long time, and also to check out the grumps over at their panel. Also got to check out the Ninja Sex Party concert on the Saturday night, it was quite possibly one of the greatest times of my life.


I also got to meet a bunch of Australians doing similar stuff overseas, some people I wish I had met earlier.


The site will be chugging along with updates and in the near future I will be at Toronto Fanexpo August 28-31, haven’t got a table, might try to jump on some else’s table or something. But I will be at the Small Press Expo¬†September 13th and 14th, I will be giving away mini comics with some biopic whatnots in them, so if you are in the area, be sure to come around and point and laugh or whatever it is that you might do.

Here’s some poor quality photos, I should get a real camera and not use a camcorder, oh and I should have a little bit of footage at some point, hopefully.


DSC00102 DSC00104 DSC00110


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