SPX is amazing as everyone says it is. I made a quick comic about it on tumblr, which I hope doesn’t put anything in a negative light, that show rocks the docks. I have had a few bursts of not getting out of bed recently and my updates have suffered quite a bit because of it. I have built up a little bit of a buffer though so things should be smooth sailing from now on, or until I get sad over something dumb like I have to do the dishes. I’ll have some footage up soon for it too.

Now I need to start organizing for the conventions next year, I have my dream list of conventions I would like to go to, unfortunately I will have to give SDCC the cut (Though I probably wouldn’t be able to get in even if I tried) because it just isn’t worth it for people starting out. I will try and narrow down where I will go and put it up soon. Thanks again to everyone who came and saw me and got a book too!

Here’s the tumblr thingo:


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