Monday to Wednesday Updates did not happen, sorry about that.

Even though I should clearly not drink, I still have continued to do so,  I have even been doing it in private  a lot. I was a functioning alcoholic for a long time, but I am now losing the functioning part. I spend a lot of my free time lying in bed and not sleeping, just staring.

I romanticize alcohol a lot with booze with ‘drunken comics’ and even in my intro video thing, but I am at that point where I have to stop drinking, I need to stop before I kill myself. Alcohol isn’t my biggest problem, but it triggers a lot of depression and other things. The comic I am working on at the moment can make me angry somedays, or depressed other days, I really want to finish it though, I hope that it will be enough to help me let some things go.

I’ll hopefully write more about this eventually, maybe make something, but not while I’m working through it.

Definitely a new page this Thursday.

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