I recently finished perfectly normal human being, first of all if you have not read it and have a little bit of spare time, please check out

I wanted to show off my stack of papers, this has definitely been my largest project to date and there is something satisfying about having this physical representation of my work.hemsworf

I mainly worked digitally before this, and that is how the story started and then moved into pens and copics before ultimately using brush/ink washes with digitial lettering. The whole thing is a bit frankenstein monsterish.hemsworf2

I created this whole thing to help me get closure and wrap my head around the things that happened in my life. I really tried my best to be as open and honest as I could with what happened in my relationships and own thoughts and wants. I’ve never put so much work into something like this before, and just by completing it I feel like I have killed a few demons and I do feel a whole lot lighter in the process. If people read this and at least find it interesting, that makes me unbelievably happy.

I will be sharing a table with the incredible http://moosekleenex.tumblr.com/, and table neighbours with the amazing space pyrates (http://caitlindmajor.tumblr.com/ and  http://mkhoddy.tumblr.com/)at SPX later this month where I will have printed versions of this book, so if you are hanging around please come say hello.spx

I will also be selling some original pages from the book for $40 at the show, I can only take a few down, so I am going to try and pick out some good ones I like. If you are keen to buy and original and a specific page, please send me a message and I will be sure to bring it. If you do, you will not be obligated to buy it or anything, some pages the text was done digitally so it may not look the way you want, so I am more then happy to let you check it out before you decide.

I have had a few people ask if they can get the book online, I have nothing planned at the moment, but I will do a kickstarter or sell a few thought etsy or something when I get back. covertemplateI started each paragraph with I, I am a terrible writer.







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