Sorry everyone but I will not be updating this week.

The whole reason I started making this comic was to try and get some closure on all this stuff that has happened in my life, I do not know if the story is any good or even interesting. But even though it has been quite a few months since this all happened, I can get incredibly angry while working on it, and I am not an angry person, or I can get really depressed and I will just spend my days off lying in bed all day.

It doesn’t help that I work from home these days so I sometimes just get into this shitty rut where I can’t get out of a certain head-space. Then I will get to the point where I will start drinking and I drink way too much and reply to messages from people I really do not want to be in contact with, or even worse, I will send embarrassing messages to people I do respect. Alcohol is very quickly becoming something that has no place in my life.

Updates will be back to normal next week, just going to take a week off. I thought once I get to Canada and left a lot of stuff behind I would be happy again, but it doesn’t seem to work like that, I hope that when I finish this story there will at least be the closure I need. I’m not trying to have a big pity party here, my life is really good, I know that, but there is a lot of things that I am still struggling with.


Thanks everyone.


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