Hope everyone is having a good December, I am going to be flying back to Australia for a little bit over the new year. Everyone gets a punch might get a bit slack in the updates because I won’t have my tablet and all that, but I will keep Dumb Drunk Australia going out as much as I can. I wish I could show a bunch of stuff I am working on in the background, but I caaannnnnn’t.

Not sure what conventions I will be heading out too next year, because of the family emergencies and stuff I can’t really take any time off, also, money. I will definitely be at TCAF because I live in Toronto, but I am currently on the waitlist. I am sure I will get into the show the year I leave Toronto. I will also definitely be at SPX regardless if I get in or not, one of my favourite shows.


Thanks for reading everyone, and if you need an Angel for your tree, I got you buddy.







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