Ok so updates are going to be kicked up a bit this month. Starting tomorrow Perfectly Normal Human Being is going to be updated every single day until the end of the month, this should be very interesting because I currently have no buffer. But the sooner i can get through this bastard the better, script has been sitting on my desk for too long so I want to push through. I should think up some sort of punishment if I do not get a page a day, any suggestions? I have also removed all the original Perfectly Normal Human Being’s that were just joke things, so the whole story at the moment is this biopic, I will move them to a different part of the site eventually but they are up on tumblr for now ->¬†http://lukehumphris.tumblr.com/

I also need to come up with a clever name like Not-going-to-stop-drawing-November-so-I-can-finish-story.

Damn. Nailed it first try.

100 tips will update still on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Also, had my first real Halloween, would recommend, 10/10. Here is a photo of me as slutty Luigi, and I apologise for this photo.





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