So I have to get up in 3 hours to go catch a plane out to California to attend San Diego Comic Con. Which is insanely rad, exciting, and terrifying. I have been slack with updating the site with a few troubles I have been having, but I have loaded a huge buffer up onto the site now.

100 tips will go back to updating every Tuesday and Thursday.

Perfectly Normal Human Being will update Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it will be more serious now and more biographical in nature of pretty horribly shit that went down in my life. So read about my shitty stories and feel better about yourself, and I might even still throw a few jokes in there.

Also, check out my new Bidness Cards, they come with a free mini-mini-comic, placed in a custom envelope, and sealed with wax with my own personal seal. Why would I spend so much effort on just a card you ask? Because I find it easier to waste my own time then to actually work on productive projects!DSC00086

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