So I have now moved to Toronto, Canada, this week. This is my first time in the continent and I am going to be living here from now on. I still have a few kinks to fix up on the website, but for the most part everything seems to be working. In the next couple of weeks I will be uploading some videos documented me and my friends travels over here.


The biggest news though, is this weekend I will be at TCAF this weekend checking out some amazing work, I am extra excited to see Kelly Turnbull from manly guys doing manly things, check out Manly Guys doing Manly Things . I will definitely be filming a few things, and if you have come here after meeting me on the weekend, please check out the comics I got here, the two on the right are my attempts to be funny. I also have a short story over here which is a lot more serious and talks a little bit about my mother’s suicide.

There is also twitter and tumblr and facebook and all that jazz on my about page, though I feel a bit dirty trying to flog them.

And, as always, thanks for visiting the page.

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