Magic Pumpkin

I was recently lucky enough to submit a short idea to nickelodeon for their shorts pitch. This was the second time I have being given the opportunity, first time was at SPX and I was scrambling around in my hotel room the night before trying to put together a script and an idea. This time … Continue reading “Magic Pumpkin”

I started a Patreon

A have had some messages offering to support the comic, so I have created a patreon for any one who wants to help, but please do not feel any pressure. If you wanted to check it out, head on over to the patreon page to check it out. Cheers!


Hey everyone, if you have sent me a message and I haven’t replied, I am really sorry, trying to answer all these messages and I appreciate every single one of them. Because a lot of people have been asking I will add a RSS feed and also an email list, just give me a week … Continue reading “Hi”

You wouldn’t happen to like comics would you?

Want hear some cool news? Perfectly Normal Human Being has been shortlisted for an Australian comic award, the ledger awards. Which is really amazing, be even cooler if I end up winning an award but there is a lot of more talented books that made the list. I feel like I am still in with … Continue reading “You wouldn’t happen to like comics would you?”

Oh hi there

Hope everyone is having a good December, I am going to be flying back to Australia for a little bit over the new year. Everyone gets a punch might get a bit slack in the updates because I won’t have my tablet and all that, but I will keep Dumb Drunk Australia going out as … Continue reading “Oh hi there”

State of A-fares.

Back from SPX, it was rad as always. Thanks to everyone who came up and said they liked my stuff or read it online, you all rule. It was great meeting other creators. I also got to pitch to Nickelodeon and all those dudes were super nice and supportive. I have been working my ass … Continue reading “State of A-fares.”

Nerfectly Pormal Buman Heing

I recently finished perfectly normal human being, first of all if you have not read it and have a little bit of spare time, please check out I wanted to show off my stack of papers, this has definitely been my largest project to date and there is something satisfying about having this physical … Continue reading “Nerfectly Pormal Buman Heing”

Thank you

I am back from Australia, I have  uploaded a bunch of pages to help make up for my sudden hiatus. I really want to say a huge thank you to everyone who sent messages to me and my family, I sincerely appreciate it and it has really helped at this time. It looks like I … Continue reading “Thank you”

Small Break

Sorry to stop everything suddenly, I have to head back home for a little bit for a family matter. In the meantime you can check out a video I did with the legendary Rusty and the associate Joe at last year’s SPX:   Also check out the guest comics I did for my buddy’s comic, … Continue reading “Small Break”

Dem Social Medias

I don’t really like pushing all the social media stuff on people, but I will do a quick post because I have been posting a few things recently on Tumblr, and I also put out notices on Twitter when I update, and you can also follow me on facebook for no real reason because I … Continue reading “Dem Social Medias”


Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been enjoying my Canadian winter and plugging away at Perfectly Normal Human Being. Getting close to 100 pages which is kind of cool, I know I will feel a lot better once I have this story done. I have begun using ink and brush with my pages, … Continue reading “G’day”

Happy Holidays

  There are some big updates coming soon, but in the meantime Happy Holidays everyone.


Dang, didn’t realise the e-mails for TCAF were going out tonight, I didn’t even get on the wait list. I won’t lie I am pretty bummed, I can only stay in North America for so long and this was the year to get into conventions. Ah well. Hopefully things will pan out for the other … Continue reading “No TCAF”

Updates and Metalbeard

Ok, so I fell off the map for a little bit, but updates a back to normal. Everything is still on plan to get this story finished sometime in January and have it printed in time for TCAF. I should hear back this month if I will be attending TCAF next year, I’m hoping it … Continue reading “Updates and Metalbeard”

Missed some updates

Monday to Wednesday Updates did not happen, sorry about that. Even though I should clearly not drink, I still have continued to do so,  I have even been doing it in private  a lot. I was a functioning alcoholic for a long time, but I am now losing the functioning part. I spend a lot … Continue reading “Missed some updates”

Ok Let’s try this

Ok so updates are going to be kicked up a bit this month. Starting tomorrow Perfectly Normal Human Being is going to be updated every single day until the end of the month, this should be very interesting because I currently have no buffer. But the sooner i can get through this bastard the better, … Continue reading “Ok Let’s try this”

No Updates this week

Sorry everyone but I will not be updating this week. The whole reason I started making this comic was to try and get some closure on all this stuff that has happened in my life, I do not know if the story is any good or even interesting. But even though it has been quite … Continue reading “No Updates this week”

It’s looking like Autumn!

I have not been in North America for long, and where I grew up we basically do not have seasons, so it is weird seeing how much everything changes, the trees are going nuts. Halloween is also less then a week away and I am really excited, I have never had a proper Halloween before. … Continue reading “It’s looking like Autumn!”


Sorry everyone, had bit of a bad week and didn’t get out of bed as much as I should have, and I haven’t updated. Expect a big update tomorrow with a weeks worth of comics.   Half the reason for this post is to force myself, haha, let’s see if it works.

Back from SPX

SPX is amazing as everyone says it is. I made a quick comic about it on tumblr, which I hope doesn’t put anything in a negative light, that show rocks the docks. I have had a few bursts of not getting out of bed recently and my updates have suffered quite a bit because of … Continue reading “Back from SPX”