I was recently lucky enough to submit a short idea to nickelodeon for their shorts pitch.

This was the second time I have being given the opportunity, first time was at SPX and I was scrambling around in my hotel room the night before trying to put together a script and an idea. This time around however, I was able to create something a lot more polished.

I have learnt a lot attempting to create these pitches, even simple stuff like how television and movie scripts are written, in addition to timing and basic production steps required to show your idea to others. (I still can’t do an elevator pitch to save my life).


In the end they passed on my short, which I completely understand why. I did write a story around the jokes I wanted to say, and the characters were kind of a product of that. I need to make my characters come first, and create the story around them. I also feel like I tried to create certain aspects that I believe would be appealing to others, instead of creating what I think is appealing.

Remember, never be so conceited that you believe what you find funny/interesting no one else would.

So, as always, I am scrapping all of this and starting again with something else down the road (Though it doesn’t mean I won’t salvage bits and pieces from this). Going to pitch again in the future, if they allow me, and come along with something stronger and better.

I still have plenty of failures along my path until I get where I want to be.pumpkin2



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