So I have done the second video post thing, I got a few other little ones in the work and I will do one about SPX after I go, I’m enjoying doing them. Perfectly Normal Human being is being updated constantly, I’m trying to learn how to make my scans look as nice as the originals I do, if that is even possible. My lettering has gone somewhere from horrible to almost legible, which is pretty nice.

I hope with this diary comic it doesn’t seem like I am just airing dirty laundry, that is a pretty big fear I have at the moment. Everything I am telling is my story and my perspective, I haven’t even really gone too far into it yet, but a lot of what I have written and I am drawing helps me get my head around a fair few things. Anyway, the story is only starting.

But enough of that jazz, look at me attempt to be funny in the video below.

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