testBack from SPX, it was rad as always. Thanks to everyone who came up and said they liked my stuff or read it online, you all rule. It was great meeting other creators. I also got to pitch to Nickelodeon and all those dudes were super nice and supportive.

I have been working my ass off getting everything ready after coming back from Austalia and getting my book printed in time for spx and now it feels like the dust is settling. Even though I wrapped up Perfectly Normal Human Being, I want to keep going with autobio comics and I also want to some scripted funnies. So I’m going to be an idiot and double down on my workload and do both. Images are sort of a sneak peak, give me another week or so to make a nice buffer and figure out what I can actually get done in a week comfortably.

There is part of me wants to make some of this stuff only available in print so I can make some money, but I want people to read what I create. So online it goes, I can make money when I’m dead.

Thanks for the support everyone, remember to follow my twitter for the hottest minion memes delivered daily @lukehumphris


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