Ok, so I fell off the map for a little bit, but updates a back to normal. Everything is still on plan to get this story finished sometime in January and have it printed in time for TCAF. I should hear back this month if I will be attending TCAF next year, I’m hoping it all comes together as it was one of the main reasons I have moved to Toronto. When the book is printed I will probably redo the lettering seeing how much is has changed and evolved as I have gone along.

The other thing I wanted to mention was my good friends, Matthew Hoddy and Caitlin Major, are currently running a kickstarter for their comic:

The Saga of Metalbeard

The story of a young prince, his lost birthright, and the beginning of his journey to become the most notorious space viking ever. If you are into indy comics and support them, I strongly suggest you check this out, I know I am pumped to see this comic get made. I even did some fanart.



So please, at least check out the link and watch the video, cheers.

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